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Online poker security is becoming more important as the number of players and poker sites that are being exploited increases. You can feel safer and avoid being hacked by taking the right precautions when it comes to computer security. Our online poker security guide will help you learn all you need to know to keep yourself safe while playing. Let’s begin with the integrity of online poker sites:
Poker site Integrity
Doing some research on the poker site that you plan to play at is the first step before playing real money poker. Before making a deposit, read some reviews of the poker site you’re considering. Also, check out forums and traffic reports. The integrity of the poker game is generally better at reputable sites with a lot of traffic. When doing your research, here’s what you should be looking for:
• Is the site professionally promoted?
• Are there well-known ambassadors who represent the online poker rooms?
• Are there many players of the cash game?
• Does the poker client appear sleek and professional to you?
• The reviews are positive.
• Is the site a collaboration with WSOP, or other major brands?
• Does the RNG of your RNG undergo auditing by a firm such as eCOGRA, GLI or GLI?
• Does the company use sophisticated encryption technologies, such as 128 bit SSL encryption?
Cyber Security Risks
Hackers can compromise your online poker account if you play on a compromised computer. Software that is harmful can be used to record your passwords and actions at the table. It is important to protect yourself from being compromised, especially if you are playing online poker for real money. Here are the top security steps you should take when playing online poker.
Playing poker online? Here’s how to keep yourself safe.
Use a dedicated PC for online poker
Although it may not be what you think about when playing online poker at first, every professional player should own a computer that is dedicated to playing. You can then protect yourself against phishing scams and trojans as well as other malicious ways hackers may use to reach you. If you want to be as safe as you can, you should use a computer and internet connection that are dedicated to online poker.
Use modern antivirus software
The most recent updates are available in paid antivirus software to ensure that you’re protected from the latest threats. Intruders won’t be able to access your computer with modern antivirus software. Verify that your antivirus software protects you against Trojans and other malware, including keyloggers, spam, identity theft, worms and e-mail spoofing. Keep your computer software updated.
Always use strong passwords
Hackers can crack simple passwords within minutes. Strong passwords are essential not just for online poker but also all of your online accounts. At least eight characters are required, with a mix of numbers, symbols, lowercase letters, and uppercase letter. You should always use unique passwords on each account. Reusing 텍사스홀덤사이트 is not allowed! Also, you should change your passwords regularly. It can also be useful to have a separate email account for your poker accounts.
If you find it difficult to create strong passwords that are random, you can use a password manager. It will store and set passwords. Keepass or Roboform are two examples of password managers that work.
Use two-factor authentication
In order to gain access to your account, you’ll be required to enter a second code in addition to the login credentials. This code is usually sent to you via SMS. 2FA increases your account security by adding an extra layer of protection. We strongly recommend that you use 2FA if it is available.
Do not access your poker account on public Wi-Fi networks
You can use Wi-Fi at cafes or hotels to surf the web or play online games, but not for poker. Avoid using public Wi-Fi for activities such as online poker, banking, or shopping. Although Wi-Fi networks may be free, hackers can set up crooked networks which look legit at first glance. You could enter personal information into these networks and it will end up in the wrong hands. You should use a VPN if you have no other way to access the Internet.
Play with a VPN
A VPN will help keep your data private and secure. When you play online poker using a VPN, your location and IP address will be harder to detect. Check the terms and conditions of the online poker room before you log in using a VPN.
Do not open emails or instant messages that seem suspicious
If you receive any communication from a website you don’t know, you should not respond. Be on the lookout also for links that seem suspicious in emails or instant messages. In no case will a company ask for your PIN or password. It’s best not to share this information with anyone.
Use caution when using chat programs such as Skype
It is best to avoid adding anyone on Skype that you do not know. You should also not use chat programs while playing online poker. Even the most secure poker sites cannot protect you against malicious software which can be used to steal your personal information such as IP addresses or passwords through chat programs. Add only your immediate friends to chat programs.
Final Thoughts
This article will make you realize that online security is something to take seriously. It’s awful to see your account hacked, and all your hard-earned money disappear because you failed to take the proper precautions. You’ll enjoy a safer poker experience if you follow the steps to keep your account safe.

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